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By combining both the latest web-oriented application authoring technologies widely available on the internet, and specific tools targeting the television environment, NAGRA offers a complete solution to enable partners, service providers and third parties to rapidly develop innovative applications for television.

NAGRA supports an open ecosystem, so that multiple parties can develop solutions and applications for a deployment. Our solutions are backed by more than 20 years of industry leading experience, with more than 200 million deployed devices.

Help us to deliver a consistent and integrated user experience across the broadest range of devices from set-top boxes and gateways through to connected TVs, tablets and phones. Join the NAGRA Community program today!

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NAGRA’s End-to-End Solution

NAGRA’s end-to-end solution for multiscreen television services enables premium TV content and applications to be delivered across multiple devices, from gateway, set-top boxes and connected TVs to PCs, tablets, phones, and game consoles. It offers a high level of flexibility and efficiency that service providers expect to successfully deploy innovative services based on application from a community of developers. NAGRA’s End-to-End Solution encompasses OpenTV middleware, the MediaLive Service Platform, NAGRA Media Player and microGateway. Details on these components below.

Client Technologies

Javascript Framework

NAGRA has many years of experience of deploying television-centric applications for browser based environments and has distilled this experience into a television-centric JavaScript Framework. This framework is available for a wide range of client devices including set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets and phones. It providers TV-centric GUI build blocks, service platform integration, device abstraction and key application services. It is highly flexible and extensible to support the creation of fully customized user experiences. Read more >>

Javascript Framework

OpenTV 5 Middleware

OpenTV 5 client middleware is built on the Linux operating system and the latest Internet technologies, such as HTML5, combined with NAGRA’s core digital television components. The solution bundles NAGRA’s considerable experience in digital television with full broadcast capabilities, advanced PVR and home networking modules as well as over the top broadband services. Read more >>

OpenTV 5 Middleware

OpenTV 2 Middleware

OpenTV 2 provides the essential operating software for lower-end digital television receivers. It abstracts the underlying hardware of a digital television receiver from applications that provide the end-user experience. This core operating software and abstraction ensure that common services can be provided and effectively maintained across a diverse range of receivers, enabling a service provider to have a true multi-vendor receiver/set-top box strategy, driving down receiver costs through competition. Read more >>

OpenTV 2 Middleware

NAGRA Media Player

NAGRA Media Player (NMP) is a complete solution for service providers to securely extend the TV experience to open consumer electronics (CE) devices including PCs, tablets, phones and more. NMP can deliver live, linear and on-demand content, from free-to-air to high value assets without compromising on security. NMP can access over-the-top content from a MediaLive Service Platform or local content from a OpenTV 5 based gateway (e.g. MicroGateway). Read more >>

NAGRA Media Player (NMP)

MediaLive Service Platform

The MediaLive Service Platform offers the components to manage, secure and operate, from a single platform, a wide range of media services across multiple delivery networks (broadcast, managed IP, over-the-top and mobile), devices (set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets and phones) and content types.It unifies server-side functionalities throughout the entire content lifecycle, from ingestion to consumption and reporting.

The MediaLive Service Platform is built upon a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with a full SDK enabling developers to easily modify or add new services and to integrate with existing backend systems. It is pre-integrated with other components of the NAGRA MediaLive solution and with leading third-party video distribution systems. Read more >>

MediaLive Service Platform


AnyCAST PRM is Nagra’s DRM framework for video-on-demand (VOD), digital video recorders (DVRs) and the propagation of content between consumer devices or home networking.

The framework allows an operator to control content consumption and distribution via several kinds of services. AnyCAST PRM enables a secure PVR/DVR recording and playback. It protects the over-the-top delivery of both linear and VoD content. It supports sharing content across multiple devices, within authorized domains. It can also serve as a bridge to DTCP-IP devices to securely extend the experience outside of the service provider’s own ecosystem. All these services are fully controlled by the service providers through a flexible set of usage rules. AnyCAST PRM provides full control and independence to service providers in the management of devices and their entitlements. Read more >>


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OpenTV 5.1.2 SDK now available

OpenTV 5 Middleware

New features to extend TV experience to the whole home: whole-home PVR, streaming content to companion devices, etc. In addition, full-fledged HTML5 applications, such as embedded audio/video tags and CSS 3D. Please check it out. And we appreciate your continued feedback.

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